Why Use Water-based Lubricant?


Water-based lubricant is a popular choice because it is safe to use with condoms and sex toys made of all materials, including silicone, latex, and rubber. It also doesn't dry out quickly, which means it lasts longer than some other types of lubricants. Additionally, water-based lubricant is easy to clean and remove, making it a convenient choice for both solo and partner play. It can also be beneficial for people with sensitive skin, as it doesn't contain irritating chemicals that some other lubricants may have.

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A Vulva Steaming Guide

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Dirty Talk Tips: Make Your Partner Beg for More

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Sexting Made Simple

Dirty texting can be a fun way to spice up your sex life. Whether it is with your partner, with someone you are intimate with, or a move to show your interest in someone.
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How to Choke for Pleasure

Choking during sex has become much more prevalent, however, it is not a practice without controversy.
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Often still, sex is mistaken for intimacy. Sex is merely one form of intimacy and getting physically close to someone does not mean intimacy at all levels.
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Want to tune in for a sensual, sexy self turn on? Me, too! Let's slow down, get creative and explore the art of the self turn on.
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Prostate Play

Did you know that searches for prostate massages online tripled between 2004 and 2017? Once considered niche, prostate play is gaining popularity, especially among heterosexual cisgender men.
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The CHEEX Porn Glossary

Here you can find a small range - a 101 - of porn terms. If a word or acronym is unknown or unclear to you, you can check them out here.
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Period sex has long been considered taboo. Time to break the stigma: it can not only be fun, but also good for your wellbeing. Here are a few reasons why.
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Why Sex Toys Aren’t Just For Fun

Let me just say up front that sex toys are a lot of fucking fun, and they're supposed to be. I mean, having fun is the sole purpose of owning any “toy”, and fun is the biggest reason we all have sex (I mean… did we really need science to tell us this?) By this measure, sex toys are probably the most inherently fun objects on the planet. This alone is a fantastic reason tocelebrate their existence, and the social changes of the recent past that have made them more widely available and less stigmatized.
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