The ABC of Group Sex

Group sex can mean a lot of different things, and there are many important considerations to have in mind before engaging in it. We have put together a glossary of terms for you to understand the in’s and outs of group sex. Enjoy!
By Kali Sudhra 4 min read

Mirror Masturbation

To reveal and observe your genitalia in a mirror can feel overwhelming, but using a mirror can help us form a deeper relationship with our genitals while moving our sexual life force energy through our body.
By Naomi Gale 5 min read

5 Tips From a Sexologist to Spice Up Your Solo Game

People who masturbate usually have their routine pined down. Read on to see how you can spice your solo sex game!
By Anna Dillinger 6 min read

Kink is Colorful

In the African American world, there is limited space for interests lying outside of the societal norm when it comes to sex, which can lead to judgment, misunderstandings, and shame. That is why representation for queer people of color in the kink community matters.
By Feignix Reign Sinner 5 min read

The ABC for Safer BDSM

The terms BDSM and kink often conjure images of latex-clad dominatrixes, whips, chains, ballgags, and blindfolds, but there is much more to it than that. Though my time in the scene have taught me things like how to swing the flogger with a certain degree of finesse, the most important skills I have picked up are far softer and have nothing to do with technique and appearances.
By Ena Dahl 8 min read

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with BDSM

What is BDSM? Bringing BDSM into the bedroom is a delicious way to spice things up! Whether you’re intrigued by bondage, dominance and submission or kinky role play – BDSM is a chance to deepen sensations and get playful in the bedroom. BDSM has become more popular in conversations about sex and eroticism, but it… Read More »Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with BDSM
By Luna Matatas 6 min read

Sober Sex: What Can We Learn From Porn Performers?

In collaboration with KOLONNE/NULL, CHEEX has conducted a survey on alcohol consumption in the dating world. As part of this survey, we asked porn performers what sober sex meant to them.
By CHEEX 6 min read

Cum On – erlich textil goes Adult Film

"Cum On" ist eine filmische Zusammenarbeit zwischen CHEEX und erlich, die sich in das Reich der erotischen Selbsterkundung wagt und dabei ein faszinierendes neues Lingerie-Spitzenset präsentiert. Es ist eine Feier der Selbstbefriedigung und Sinnlichkeit, die jede Person dazu einlädt, eigene Wünsche und Entscheidungen mit unerschütterlichem Selbstvertrauen anzunehmen.
By Helen Waeder 2 min read

A Vulva Steaming Guide

Vulva steaming, or vaginal steaming, is where you heal and connect with your pelvis by working with steam, breath, and herbs. This guide is a step-by-step guide to vulva steaming.
By Naomi Gale 6 min read

Asexual Intimacy: Partnered Aces Share Their Experiences with Non-Sexual Intimacy

The phrase "being intimate" is too often used synonymously with "having sex." Intimacy within romantic relationships is often reduced to being sexually active with your partner, as if that is the only way to be intimate with someone.Let’s discuss the experiences of those who are often left out of conversations about intimacy and expand our understanding of what makes a relationship – ‘romantic’ or not – an intimate one.
By Yasmin Benoit 6 min read

Queering Your Relationship(s)

When thinking about queer relationships, the first thing that may come to mind are homosexual relationships – but queer relationships do not exclusively have to do with who you are attracted to, but with the dynamics within too.
By Anastasia Pinheiro 5 min read

Party of Two: A New Take on Queer Monogamy

Are you properly queer if you only date one person? Explore new perspectives on monogamy, from attraction to sex to personal satisfaction.
By Felix Jung 5 min read

Why Do We Need to Teach Kids About Sex?

Looking past the nervous laughs and side glances, sex ed in school always left much to be desired. While sex ed should equip young people with knowledge and skills to have a healthy lifelong relationship with sex, it remains a controversial topic. Why? Where are we going wrong and how can we improve?
By Natalia Murcia C. 5 min read

Positions on Pleasure: Interview with Illustrator Diana Bobb

For our Positions on Pleasure campaign, we had the honor of working with the amazing artist Diana Bobb. Get to know her better in this interview.
By CHEEX 2 min read

How To: Missionary

The only boring thing about the Missionary Position is its name, to which I propose the French term, The Classic, as a more fitting alternative. The most common of all sex positions, the Missionary is incredibly versatile and can be altered endlessly to add variety and different types of stimulation.
By Ena Dahl 5 min read

How To: 69

This position is a great oral variation. Both partners satisfy each other orally at the same time. Suitable for both penis and vulva-owners.
By CHEEX 1 min read