Positions on Pleasure: Interview with Illustrator Diana Bobb

For our Positions on Pleasure campaign, we had the honor of working with the amazing artist Diana Bobb. Get to know her better in this interview.
By CHEEX 2 min read

How To: Missionary

The only boring thing about the Missionary Position is its name, to which I propose the French term, The Classic, as a more fitting alternative. The most common of all sex positions, the Missionary is incredibly versatile and can be altered endlessly to add variety and different types of stimulation.
By Ena 5 min read

How To: 69

This position is a great oral variation. Both partners satisfy each other orally at the same time. Suitable for both penis and vulva-owners.
By CHEEX 1 min read

How To: Oral

Regardless of your gender, oral is all about having fun giving, or being able to completely let go and relax to fully receive.
By CHEEX 3 min read

How To: Anal Play & Penetration

Anal sex. For a very long-time taboo, anal has recently entered the mainstream. And for good reason: whether you have a prostate or not, the nerve endings around the anus make it one of the most pleasurable parts of the body to play with.
By CHEEX 3 min read

How To: 5 Sex Positions for Disabled People

Learn 5 sex positions that you can adapt with common household items (and some cool products) to reduce pain, fatigue, and difficulty during sex with disabilities. Get the best out of communication with partners to make your sex inclusive and pleasure focused and begin to break free from shame and stigma.
By Ginny 7 min read

How To: Scissoring

Myth or reality? Probably the most often lesbian sex position depicted in porn, it is neither the only position for people with vulvas, nor inevitable. So who is it for? And how to do it?
By CHEEX 3 min read

How To: Spooning

Spooning, the perfect position for building trust and intimacy. But it is more versatile than you think. Learn new ways to spice up this timeless classic by incorporating clever tweaks.
By Felix Jung 3 min read

How To: The Rider (known as the “Cowgirl”)

The Cowgirl Position is due for a gender-neutral rebrand and is better described by the term The Rider. One of the three most common and popular sex positions, it places the receiver on top and in charge. Because it can be quite energy demanding, this guide includes multiple options to vary it and make it less strenuous for the riding top.
By Ena 5 min read

How To: Standing

Sex is generally associated with the bed, or at least lying down (for the most part) - but it does not have to be. A standing position can bring variety and spontaneity. Especially for the latter, standing variations are great to enjoy sex outside the bed, at any time, in any place (as long as you and your partner(s) are not in sight of anybody who does not wish to be involved). With or without penetration, standing sex is suitable for all genders and orientations.
By CHEEX 3 min read

How To: Doggy

Doggy is exciting, animalistic, rough. If you are into that. Learning how to master the balance between communication and domination will give you the key to an incredibly satisfying adventure.
By Felix Jung 3 min read

NICE TO MEET YOU – Charlie Forde

Named “Best Female Porn Performer of 2022” by San Fran Pornstar Festival, Charlie Forde is not only excellent in her field, but also an incredibly honest and authentic person.
By CHEEX 2 min read

CHEEX Talks: Opening Up – Communication in Relationship(s) with Leanne Yau

Why is communicating in romantic relationships a challenge for most of us? How do you deal with jealousy? And what are non-monogamous relationships really?
By CHEEX 1 min read

CHEEX Talks: Sex Education & Porn

Sex Education & Porn: How do they work together and where? What do we need to change in the way we approach porn and sex education? And does a realistic view on sex exist?
By CHEEX 1 min read

Sex-oscope Taurus 2023

You want to know what your sex life has in store for you in 2023? Get ready Taurus!
By Sarah Potter 4 min read

My Neighbour, the Stripper

Like every other person moving to Berlin, I was sure to meet extraordinary personalities. I did not expect however for it to be a stripper to have the most long-lasting and life-altering impact on my life.
By Anastasia Pinheiro 5 min read