How To Have Anal Sex for the First Time

Ah, the uncharted territory of anal sex – a topic often hyped up as well as frequently feared. We’re with you, intrepid explorers! We felt the same when we started in the beginning. Today, The Oh Collective will take us on a journey of discovery, armed with stats, cautionary tales, and tips from us. So, grab your compass (and maybe some lube), because we’re diving deep into the world of anal sex.


Let's Talk Anal Sex Stats

Did you know that according to recent surveys, a significant percentage of adults have experimented with anal sex? It’s more common than you think. While it may seem taboo, exploring anal pleasure is a perfectly natural part of human sexuality. So, rest assured, you’re not alone in your curiosity.

In a study of heterosexuals aged 15 to 44, 34% of men and 30% of women had engaged in anal sex. Another survey found that on average, Americans have anal sex about 2.6 times per month, with those who identify as straight having anal sex about 1.9 times each month.

Are You Ready for Anal Sex?

Well, much like any adventure, readiness is key. If you find yourself curious about anal sex and feel comfortable discussing it with your partner(s), you might just be ready to dip your toes (or other parts) into the anal waters. Remember, communication and consent are paramount!

Below are 5 tips to see if you’re ready:

Exploring the Different Types of Anal Sex

What’s an adventure without a few gadgets to make the journey so much smoother, am I right? When it comes to anal sex, there’s a cornucopia of toys to choose from. From beginner-friendly butt plugs to more advanced anal beads, the options are endless. Just remember to start small and work your way up (literally).



10 Steps To Get Ready For Anal Sex

Now that you had the talk and prepared all your gadgets let’s get you ready for your first anal sex adventure.

Author: The Oh Collective Team

The Oh Collective is founded by 4 daughters of first-generation immigrants who believe in breaking down taboos and embracing sex as an essential part of our overall well-being. They have a curation of vegan and cruelty-free products created in collaboration with sexologists.


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