Hair: Shameful or Sexy?

Hello everyone and welcome to the format CHEEXY Chats in our CHEEX TALKS podcast from our ethical pleasure platform CHEEX. With a big thanks we say goodbye to our former host Pauline and start into a new era of this podcast!What’s new? The language, the format, the hosts and much more! We are Helen and Amenzee, good friends since meeting at a pool party 3 years ago. We decided to take our friendship to the next level with this podcast! Chatting freely about diverse topics connected to Sex & Relationships has been one of our favorite pastimes and we would love to invite you to join our conversation by listening, feedbacking and starting a conversation yourself with your friends and partners!We strongly believe in the power of communication and with this podcast we’d like to reduce the shame, fear, embarrassment and discomfort around the topic of S*x, that our society has taught us to feel.


In our fourth Episode we are talking about all kinds of body hair!

Join us on a ride through the history of body hair, exploring studies, benefits, fun facts, and debunking some myths along the way. We share a little about our own relationship to our body hair and we’d love to inspire you to talk to your lovers and friends about the hairy business.
Is it really more hygienic to shave? What the hell is “manscaping”? How did the people in ancient Greece shave? And what is all this fuss about our body hair anyway?

If you are curious and want to know more about the whole topic, check out our 4th episode of CHEEXY Chats and become a part of our growing little community!

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