CHEEX is a sexual wellness platform for aesthetic erotic films, audio stories and educational articles about sexuality. By curating and presenting pornographic contents in a new way, we create a safe space for sexual stimulation. Find out more about us here.

Members have unlimited access to high class erotic films and sexy audio stories. They can be streamed where, when and how often you desire. Beyond the ‘Watch’ and ‘Listen’ section, users can access our exclusive ‘Learn’ contents. The magazine provides educational articles, video and podcasts on sexuality-related topics.

CHEEX is a sex-positive community with a new take on pornography. Our curated contents depict sexuality in a way that is close to reality: diverse, fun and consensual. While traditional providers mostly address a male audience, CHEEX offers a space for the sexual needs of everyone. All contents provided by CHEEX are ethically produced, we only show performers of legal age and chose our licensing partners according to strict criteria. Learn more about our values here.

No. CHEEX is explicitly for everyone who is curious about sexual stimulation and education. Beyond that it is a space that does not primarily cater to heterosexual male images but meets everyone’s, including female, needs.
Most of our films, audios and articles are available in English. Our platform is based in Germany which is why currently, our podcast is only in German.

The monthly subscription for unlimited access to CHEEX is 8,90 € per month. The subscription is billed monthly and can be cancelled anytime. No extra charges, no hidden costs. 

Contents featured on CHEEX are of high-end quality and ethically produced, meaning performers are rewarded appropriately. By paying for a CHEEX subscription, you’re playing an important part in freeing pornography from its shadowy existence.

Of course. To convince yourself of our contents, we offer you a free 7-day trial. If you like CHEEX, you don’t need to do anything. Your trial will automatically be converted into a monthly subscription that can be cancelled anytime. You won’t be charged anything before the free trial period expires.

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Even if we would love a society that treats sexuality without any taboos, we obviously respect your privacy. We do not follow your user data or track your streaming behavior. There won’t be personalized ads and we don’t give out your data to third parties. Our billing is made through Mix & Match GmbH, which is also the name you’ll find on your bank statement.
You can cancel your CHEEX subscription anytime. The subscription automatically ends after your monthly duration. The free trial period ends after 7 days, if you don’t cancel it within that time, you will automatically be signed up for our regular monthly subscription. There is no cancellation fee or hidden contractual period.