Enhance your sexuality and love life by attending online live courses by sex and wellness experts


Learn new perspectives to support and enhance your sex life from experts.


Celebrate and find trust in your body and reach an indepth self-awareness


Gain new skills to discover what works for you, in a safe and friendly environment.

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Pleasure Academy - Course - All of August

Are you ready to take your sexual wellness to the next level?
Receive daily emails with juicy exercises, tips and practices to make your summer as hot and sexy as possible.

1 month of daily pleasure practices
Are you ready to take your sexual wellness to the next level?

How to discover and work with the magic of your menstrual cycle.

January 2023

How to discover and work with the magic of your menstrual cycle.

What our body can teach us about gender, sexuality and relationships.

January 2023

What our body can teach us about gender, sexuality, and relationships.

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Our live courses aim to give you real sexual education that is uncensored and empowering at the same time


Camilla Storgaard

Camilla Storgaard

Certified counselor in Sexology, practicing Sexual Therapist, Couples Counseling.

Camilla Storgaard’s works with women, men, couples and gender-divers individuals. She helps them improve their day-to-day life, overcome personal difficulties, make postitive changes to their relationships and improve the sexual functioning. Her approach is based on feminist and queer theory, greater knowledge of the female sexuality, sex and body positivity movements. An important goal of her work is to combat stigma around sexual health and knowledge by encouraging open and honest conversations about these topics.

Esluna Love

Esluna Love

Porn Performer, model and dancer

Esluna Love is a porn performer, model, content creator and an all round sexual creative. In her workshops she focuses on bodywork and demonstrating different sex practices and techniques. She gives valuable advice regarding best practices and imparts helpful hands-on development tips. Most of the time you’ll see her teaching with her partner Marvin, who helps in the demonstrations and explains the male perspective on topics.

Dex Parker

Brian Carew alias Dex Parker

Holistic Movement Coach, Adult Performer & Companion

Dex Parker is a male erotic adult performer. His training in respiratory therapy compliments the many years he spent teaching yoga and movement to create a holistic somatic experience of pleasure, insight and joy. His work as a creator and companion is founded in a pursuit to experience and give breathe to a more holistic approach to sex work, and performing services. In his classes you will be introduced to a space of safety, empowerment, discovery, and passion.


Each workshop will last about 60 minutes.
Nope! We want each workshop to feel like an intimate unique experience. You can only enjoy them live during that specific time.
It is totally anonymous, which means you won’t be seen or heard at all. All communication with the expert(s) happens via the chat window (unless we communicate it differently).
Absolutely. Everyone is welcome: you can join with your partner, your best-friend, your mum, or enjoy it all alone (unless we communicate it differently for a specific session ).
Nope! You’ll be able to ask questions directly to the expert (e.g via chat) and have enough room for exercises and reflection.
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