A Guide To Shame-free Period Sex

For some of us, the last thing we want when we’re bleeding is someone down there + in some cultures, it is seen as ‘unclean’ (it’s not btw) but some of us LOVE getting it on during their period.Whatever you prefer, if both partners are comfortable there is no reason why you shouldn’t have sex on your period!


The benefits of Period Sex

Lots of people who menstruate report feeling more aroused during their time of the month and feel more connected to their partner. Scientists haven’t fully figured out yet why this is, but some believe it might be due to the spike in testosterone during that period.

Research shows that the endorphins released during orgasm can relieve period cramps! This is also a great excuse to masturbate on your period…if you needed one.

Period blood is nature’s great lubricant, the less friction the more pleasurable it feels – wetter is always better!

Can I get pregnant on my period?

Hell yes. This myth has caused many a pregnancy.

Fertile windows can vary from person to person, so you may be fertile while you are bleeding plus sperm can live inside your body for up to 5 days! Make sure to use protection like birth control & condoms.

Can I get STIs on my period?

Yes, and something you probably didn’t know is that period blood can change your vagina’s pH, increasing the risk of you contracting an STI in partnered sex. Condoms are super important when having sex with untested partners, and as well as protecting you from STIs, they can double up as an easy-cleanup method if you’re in a rush post-period sex.

The best sex positions for Period Sex

In terms of specific positions on your period, it’s whatever feels most comfortable. Just be sure to lay a towel down just in case and maybe avoid on top positions if you are worried about the blood, however, no positions are off-limits.

If you’re super worried about the mess, shower sex is also another great option – just make sure you bring the lube (water washes away your natural vaginal lubricant).

Is Period Sex unhygienic?

NO. If you wash your hands before & after touching you or your partner there is no reason for it to be unhygienic.

At Here We Flo, we are changing the narrative when it comes to language surrounding our periods. We want to get rid of words like ‘sanitary’ & ‘hygiene’ when talking about menstruating as there is nothing gross about our bodies and it perpetuates shame and taboo.

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This blog was brought to you from Here We Flo & written by Evie is an ACET-qualified sex educator and Here We Flo’s Digital Marketing Manager. She is also the founder of Cliterally the Best, a sex-positive educational platform and podcast.


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