Dos and Don’ts: Your Ultimate Guide to Lube

All about lube… we have teamed up with nevernot to give you an extensive guide on the uses of lube.


Lubricant is one of the best and easiest ways to make your sex life even better – whether you need some additional moisturizer, you love some water-play, or you want to discover the pleasures of anal penetration. Even if you’re already the wettest person alive, lubes can bring the special something to your sex or masturbation routine. They are amazing in enhancing sensation, increasing relaxation, creating less friction and, thus, protecting your sensitive skin from smaller injuries. But most important of all: They are fun!

First Things First: Let’s Destigmatize the Use of Lubricant

Oftentimes lubes come with a negative connotation: A common misconception is that lubes are only used when there’s a lack of lubrication, which in turn leads to the assumption that you’re not aroused or turned on enough to produce endogenous lubrication. Somehow the ability to get wet became equated with being hot or sexy. By implication, that means we’re only seen as sexy or hot if we’re wet. But lacking bodily lubrication can have many reasons that are not connected with arousal – from hormonal fluctuations and stress over the use of some medications, alcohol or cigarettes to too much (and wrong) body hygiene. Every third vulva-owner over 45 suffers from vaginal dryness and statistically, every vulva-owner suffers from it at least once in their life. So let’s start talking about it to kick this stigma in its smug butt and grab your cute lubes!

Lube 101: Pros and Cons

There are different types of lubricants. There are water-, silicone-, oil-based, and hybrid lubes. There are lubes with taste and sensitivity-enhancing traits. And each of them has its own pros and cons:


Water-Based Lubes are super versatile. They are great for any kind of sex, toy material, and condom. They don’t stain and can be easily washed off of any surface. Most of the water-based lubes are made for normal and sensitive skin and are especially moisturizing.


Water-based lubes are absorbed quite quickly, so you might need to top up once or twice.


Silicone-based lubes are super slippery. They are made to last. They are your go-to staple for anal action and your ideal add-on to shower or bathtub sex. Silicone lubes are perfectly safe to use with latex condoms and are ideal to shield your sensitive intimate skin from any harm in the form of too much friction.


Some silicone-based lubricants shouldn’t be used in combination with silicone toys, because they might degrade the material which leads to an accumulation of bacteria and, thus, can cause infections. Since silicone-based lubes stay put in water, they are not easily washed off and might leave stains.

Oil-Based Lubricants


Oil-based lubes are perfect moisturizers for your skin and could even be used as massage oils, but…


Oil-based lubricants are not compatible with most condoms, they can stain and are difficult to clean off.

Yes, there are lubes that taste like strawberry or chocolate, there are warming and cooling lubricants, as well as hybrid ones, but explaining all would break the mould of this article. Instead, we want to tell you about our favourite invention on the market:


CBD-infused lubes cannot only be relaxing, but also pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cramping. CBD helps to relax your muscles and relieve tension. At the same time, the substance helps to balance stress – so you can let yourself go even more easily. It has a dilating effect on the blood vessels and, thus, promotes blood circulation. This way, CBD lubricants work as sensual enhancers. In practical terms, this feeling is expressed in a light and pleasant tingling sensation. Your sensation is enhanced and you might experience longer and more intense orgasms.


Decide for yourself whether this is a pro or con: You won’t get high from it.

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