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A Vulva Steaming Guide

Vulva steaming, or vaginal steaming, is where you heal and connect with your pelvis by working with steam, breath, and herbs. This guide is a step-by-step guide to vulva steaming.
By Naomi Gale 6 min read

How To Erect A Penis – A Penis Anatomy Explanation

What is a penis, how is it constructed, what are the different penises and who has one? You will find answers to these and other questions in this article.
By Kelvin Sparks 8 min read

Pussy Map

It is useful to understand the anatomy of the vulva to communicate and advocate for our needs. Here is everything you should know about the vulva that was not taught at school. A vulva 101, if you will.
By Naomi Gale 5 min read

Make Condoms Sexy (…Again?)

You gotta do what you got to do. Using a condom is one of those things – it may feel like a curse, but knowing how to make it sexy will turn it into a blessing.
By Anna Werner Friedmann 3 min read

Menstrual Cycle: 4 Seasons With A Difference

Cramps, blood, mood swings - your period gets all of your attention, especially when you are bleeding, as it will be impossible to not notice them then.
By Lilith Ga 3 min read

Hormonal Wars: A Brief History of Puberty Blockers

Puberty blockers can be a helpful tool for trans youth. Dr. Dana Mahr explains how they work and the transphobic rhetorics surrounding them.
By Dana Mahr 17 min read

How Hormonal Contraception Affects the Body

If you are able to get pregnant, chances are you have taken birth control, or at least been advised to take it. But what is its impact on our bodies and minds?
By Anna Wim 7 min read

How Hormones Can Boost Your Libido

Fluctuations in libido are closely connected to hormonal shifts; understanding your hormones, their functions, and your body can empower you to take control of your sexual drive.
By Camilla Storgaard 4 min read

Let’s Talk Low Libido

Stress spills over into other aspects of our lives, and is notorious for killing sex drive. Here’s how you can learn to manage your stress levels
By Pimenta Cítrica 6 min read

AHA Moments with a Sex Therapist – Interview with Theresa Lachner

Theresa Lachner is a sex counsellor, blogger and author of the CHEEX-exclusive series Lovebooster—a guided audio meditation helping people in relationships to nurture appreciation both for themselves and their partner. We interviewed her for insights into her work.
By Lilith Ga 5 min read

Hormone-Free Contraception… What Are the Options?

The realm of hormonal contraceptives is vast—from the different generations of pills to rings, patches, implants and injections. However, there are effective hormone-free alternatives worth considering. In this article, we'll explore various options that cater to different preferences, while emphasizing increased body awareness and shared responsibility.
By Elisa Offhuaß 6 min read

My Journey To Pain Free Sex

A phenomenon still not extensively talked about, Katrin tells us about her Vaginismus story and how she overcame it.
By Katrin with Love 8 min read

Reconnecting With Sexuality After Sexual Trauma

The violence and impact of sexual assault stretches way further than just the incident, and has a tremendous influence on every aspect of your life. Read how Anna Wim dealt with the aftermath of their sexual trauma, and what lead them to rediscovering a good relationship with sex again.
By Anna Wim 6 min read

All You Need to Know About Monkeypox

While the Monkeypox virus is not new, the rate at which it is spreading is. After the COVID-19 outbreak, many are growing fearful of this new threat. Get all the answers to your questions in this article.
By Mariami Beridze 4 min read

Access to Sexual Healthcare is a Feminist Issue

Getting regularly tested for STIs is necessary for your sexual health, and is recommended to be done at least every six months. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to do so – and that’s why we need to fight to make sexual healthcare more accessible.
By Anna Wim 6 min read

A Guide To Shame-free Period Sex

For some of us, the last thing we want when we’re bleeding is someone down there + in some cultures, it is seen as ‘unclean’ (it’s not btw) but some of us LOVE getting it on during their period.Whatever you prefer, if both partners are comfortable there is no reason why you shouldn't have sex on your period!
By Evie Plumb 3 min read