Menstrual Cycle: 4 Seasons With A Difference

Cramps, blood, mood swings – your period gets all of your attention, especially when you are bleeding, as it will be impossible to not notice them then.


Have you ever wondered why you feel this way one week and that way the next? Some days you are in top form, motivated and energetic, the next you just want to hole up at home?

Your period has a big impact on your mood, motivation, productivity as well as your libido or your capacity for social interaction because: Your menstrual cycle is more than just your period.
What often feels like random, emotional phases are actually your hormones, which fluctuate during the different phases of your cycle, following a predictable pattern.

The 4 Phases

(Note that the example given here refers to an average 28-day cycle. Not everyone has a 28-day cycle and this is totally normal too)

🩸 Menstrual Phase - The Inner Winter: Day 1 - 6

The first phase of your cycle starts with the first day of bleeding, where you will need a cup, tampon or period underwear.
The inner winter sets in as all your hormones are at their lowest level and your body sheds its uterine lining. You are menstruating. You can use this phase to rest, dream and recharge your batteries.

🌷 Follicular Phase - The Inner Spring: Day 7 - 12

For some people, the period is over after about a week, the bleeding stops and the energy slowly returns. Almost like in spring, when plants and people awaken from their hibernation with the first sunshine, you too start to feel more optimistic and energetic. Time to let new ideas grow and flourish. The reason for this is your rising hormone levels. The hormone estrogen takes over as your body produces and matures follicles in preparation for ovulation.

🍦 Ovulatory Phase - The Inner Summer: Day 13 - 16

This is the shortest phase of your cycle. Your body releases an egg from the follicle and you are fertile. Depending on the person, ovulation can happen between the 10th and 17th day. The hormones estrogen and testosterone are at their peak, making you feel newborn and confident. This is the sign that you are ovulating. So ride the wave of energy and get active.

🍂 Luteal Phase - The Inner Autumn: Day 17 - 28

The shortest phase is now followed by the longest phase of your cycle, which can last from 10 to 16 days. This phase is dominated by the hormone progesterone, which has a calming effect and gives you a feeling of inner relaxation. Use this inner peace to channel your strength and power.

Why Am I So Horny?

Our sexuality is dependent on our hormones. [1] Especially in the second phase of the cycle, not only the mood increases, but also the libido. The reason for this is the hormone estrogen, which is increasingly released during this phase. At ovulation, estrogen levels are at their highest and so is the libido of menstruating people.
Nevertheless, desire is not only a question of biology, but also of mental health. Anxiety, trauma and stress can have a strong influence and disturb the libido.
Since everybody is different and therefore cycles can vary, ovulation can also fall during the menstrual phase (pregnancies during this are unlikely but not impossible) or estrogen levels can rise during the first phase. Thus, some menstruating people feel increased pleasure while they are having their period. Having sex during this time also brings benefits, such as pain relief from menstrual cramps or a shorter period (the contraction of the uterus during an orgasm can speed up the shedding of the lining of the uterus). [2]

Go with the Flow

Hormones are like the ebb and flow of the tide, they are in a constant state of flux and can therefore have an impact on different areas of your life, for example:

It can be said that you too flow, you too are a being of the cycle and move in the constant rhythm of your body. This does not have to be a burden, it does not have to be exhausting. It can all make sense, because there are ways to adapt to your cycle and synchronize with it rather than fight it. So why not plan exciting dates with your friend(s) or partner(s) when you’re in your ovulation phase and your social capacity is at its highest, rather than having to muster up your energy during your menstrual phase?  You can live with your cycle through diet, exercise, social activities, work and self-care. It’s called “cyclical living” and it’s more than just harnessing your menstrual superpower.

Rather, it’s about a lifestyle and mindset that meets the needs of your body and mind.

Isn’t it great to be such a mutable being and to use our inner power to our advantage? So live your cycle and celebrate it.



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