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Dirty texting can be a fun way to spice up your sex life. Whether it is with your partner, with someone you are intimate with, or a move to show your interest in someone.


Dirty texting allows people to communicate their fantasies with one another…what’s hotter than that? While it can sometimes be a bit challenging to express your needs and wishes face to face, dirty texting is a great way to let someone know what you desire. Remember of course that dirty texting is also a way to sexually approach someone so it is important to have consent for doing so. Dirty texting is only exhilarating if you are both into it. Just like in real life it is fine if someone is not in the mood or interested in dirty texting pushing it will only make both of you feel awkward and cross boundaries. An easy way to check if this is something the other person wants to explore is to start any dirty texting conversation by asking: “Do you want to know something dirty?” or “I’ve been thinking about you lately… ;)” and so on. If you get a positive response the real dirty texting begins.

Types of Dirty Texting

Let’s look into some examples of how you can approach these three options for dirty texting. 

Dirty Texting Option 1: Setting The Mood

You want the person you are attracted to to know that you have been thinking about them and cannot wait for your next sexual encounter? Here are some example texts to inspire you. 

Soft & Sweet

A Bit More Risky

Straight Up Dirty

Dirty Texting Option 2: Sexting

Maybe you are currently apart from someone you enjoy having sex with, but don’t want the fun to stop? Here are some examples to inspire some hot and heavy sexting. 

Further Sexting Tipps

In general it is also always a good idea to refer to things you have done together in bed. This gives them an idea of what you liked and what you are looking forward to doing again. You can of course also mention things that you have fantasized about to give them small hints of what new things would be fun to try. Also pay attention to what experiences and wishes they are mentioning so that you can incorporate things in the future. 

Sexting also works best when you reply quickly. This way it has the excitement and vibe of a real life interaction and shows that both of you are so into it that you cannot focus on anything else. Mentioning parts about your partner that turn you on and being detailed can also really flatter them and keep the vibe. Painting a vivid picture of what you want to do with them is what can really take sexting to the next level. It can also be interesting to play with sentence length and emojis. Giving long detailed descriptions of what you want to do to them or what you want them to do to you and then having a short sentence after it like ‘So good.’ ‘ I am moaning.’ or sending several short texts after each other like ‘and faster’ ‘and more’ etc etc. can also really keep things authentic. Remember masturbating white sexting can be very exhilarating and a virtually created orgasm can be just as intense!

Dirty Texting Option 3: Texting Erotica

You want to share a sexy thought or dream or elaborate fantasy with someone you are attracted to? Go for it. You can write your own little erotica and text it to them. This shows them how much you are thinking of them…and who doesn’t want to be wanted? Maybe you will also get a hot response back.  Here are some ideas for your texting erotica:

Texting erotica can be a more elaborate, more focused way of sexing, it relies less on interaction and more on you sharing your needs and being turned on by this. You can even go all out and create your own elaborate fanfiction for your partner if you wish.

Things to Remember when Dirty Texting

Before you start dirty texting make sure you are very comfortable. If the idea interests you, but you are still a bit shy, start with the softer prompts. Also evaluate what level your connection to the other person is at. Do you know each other well enough to have a fun time dirty texting? Does a dirty text message show the signal you want to be sending? 

The moments while you are waiting for a reply after sending a dirty text can be very nerve wracking. While it may be fun to text the person late at night it can also be exhilarating to keep them on their toes and text them during the day. Either way, it is always important to think about where they are and how much time they have to respond and really get into the mood so that you can both enjoy it. That being said…Ready, set, text.

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