eating out

Charlie And Zaawaadi

Zaawaadi and Charlie met up in Berlin and couldn't leave their hands off each other. Watch them lick and suck every inch of their skin in this slow fuck in their hotel room.

Babygurl’s Birthday Bang

Manon Praline is turning 40 and for her birthday, her sweet and sadistic Leather Family planned a very special celebration. Seven eager tops await their precious babygurl — eager to devour her like cake with their hands, mouths, tools, and toys. Manon thanks her family profusely as they each take their turn wishing her a very happy birthday.

Tent Sex At Renaissance

It's festival season and the Sexy Hippies are enjoying their stay. Why not turning the musical energy into a lovemaking one? A beautiful encounter in their festive nest!

Cheeky Bites

This video is a little different. Charlie straying away from a storyline and into straight lovemaking with a new friend. A very real, down to earth tryst and straight out of Charlie's personal life.


The Holy Couple is exploring sweet terrain. Expect new perspectives, and a lovemaking that tastes like sugar.

Smooth Operator

Slow and smooth, oily and rough - The Sexy Hippies are having a good after-shave time, sharing their spectrum of sentiments and love making. One of our favourites!

Naked Lips

Nothing more fun, than being tasted by the one you love - embracing all there is!

Trio Trouble

Slowly saying goodbye to another year, this is the hottest video Charlie has made to date...Should I stay, or go? The question that reveals it all!

Swing BNB

A couple is renting an apartment in Barcelona for the weekend, while the landlady receives them in the flat, new plans come up to the table...

Fly Me To You

Fly Me To You is a unique collaboration between the poetic and the pornographic. Fae LaVeau invites King Noire over for a writing session to collab on a new song. As the the musical creativity they share flows effortlessly the building of sexual chemistry is also just as palpable.

Lunchtime Quickie

Charlie and Fin come through the door ripping each other's clothes off after a lunchtime date. But they'd better be quick before they get back to work!

Girls Night

When Laney's boyfriend cheats on her, Charlie brings over the box of tissues and the comfort food for a movie night. But when she teaches Laney how she should screen her boyfriends in the future, Laney decides to make a move on Charlie! This slow and sensual break up sex will leave you begging for more.

Gang Click Bang

HardWerk's latest gang bang is a slow burning subversion of the cinematic tropes that finds the carnal in the camp and the sumptuous in the sleaze. For her first ever gang bang on film, lead performer Maria Riot, and the film makers reimagined the figure of the bossy (generally male) photographer with a much-needed shift on the gender axis...

Velvet Kiss

Heavy curtains and lips that are yearning for each other. Velvet kiss is a special piece about two souls in their reign of love.

Heaven Massage

Slowly, and sensually, Kaia and Skye pour coconut oil over Charlie's naked body and massage and touch every inch of her. Charlie eventually leans in and kisses the women one by one, teasing their bodies. This video is slow, purposeful, and extremely erotic.

Homemade Love

This scene is all about trying out new things in bed. Prepared with toys and lube, ropes and positions, JoLa are sharing a window to their love bliss with us.