Dante is a performer and producer. He loves to be in front of the camera, gets thrilled knowing that people get turned on watching him in the scenes.

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As a performer he is very versatile: plays solo, but also works on various couple or group content: queer, guy on guy or straight, from boyfriend experience to kinky group sessions or BDSM  (but rather not Dantesque)- sweet and sensual. We love Dante’s sensual touch, which is captured on every record with them. He has his ways of catching the great intimate connection with other performers. No wonder, he enjoys experimenting with different characters and personas. He sees performing as a lesson about oneself, as well as about social interactions. He values diversity, and is interested in meeting people of all genders, sexualities, backgrounds and ages. He has played different roles in widely awarded films. Many of them have been presented to an international audience as an official selection of many porn film festivals. Dante has been named one of the ten Sexfluencers of Berlin, due to the Influencers engagement in fighting censorship, and “the old stigma which continues to make sex worker’s lives and labor unsafe and pushes us to the margins of society.” As a sexworker he feels “more in control of my life than ever before.” And although he was born and raised in Berlin Berliner, he often considers moving around. New collaborations for adult content could definitely be a good reason to do so. Dante is a great kink companion. When asked for reasons why he loves performing, he answers that there are plenty: “travelling, working on one’s own schedule, being independent” and “meeting awesome people,” who often do not appear only once, but stay for multiple projects. He creates a good environment and realizes creative ideas. Get to know the best pieces on CHEEX.

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