Maple Syrup

Sweet, sticky, golden, and delicious is what you think of when you hear or see the words ‘Maple Syrup.’ That is why we think that this duo got their name so perfectly right! With the background of an exotic oasis and places that look like glorious yoga retreats, they spend so much time caressing and touching.

Everything they do is done at a necessarily slow pace as they check in with each other, and take time opening each other’s erotic chakras. Maple Syrup records themselves, which gives a multitude of amazing perspectives of intimacy. It also allows the watcher to get rid of the ‘porn’ element of sex where there is a camera crew behind, often pushing stories and narratives (not that this is bad at all). This is what makes watching a real couple very erotic, exciting, and inspiring. Their sex is as real as it comes, or should we say; ‘cums’! Watching them feels like watching a piece of classical music while masturbating in a warm bed. It is cozy, it is personal and it is sensory. We love to see penetration not being the be-all and end-all, like it is often portrayed in mainstream porn. For Maple Syrup foreplay and ‘afterplay’ (the care and tender touches after climaxing) are necessary, which is refreshing and educative to watch. We love Maple Syrup and can’t wait to feature more from them.

Films from Maple Syrup

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