Luna Matatas

With a career in sexual health and wellness spanning over a decade, Luna Matatas is a renowned Sex and Pleasure educator based in Toronto, Ontario. You have probably heard the slogan “Peg The Patriarchy” before, and we have Luna Matatas to thank for it.

She is also the name behind the pro-cannabis movement “Meditate. Medicate. Masturbate” as well as “Fuck like a Goddess.” Aspiring to break all sorts of taboo, her creative and playful approach to sexuality places communication and self-confidence at its heart. Her mission is to encourage people to explore their eroticism free of guilt or shame, feel good in their bodies, and “practice empathy with their partner’s insecurities and needs.” She has written countless of pleasure guides, offers multiple types of coaching and workshops, as well as is the host of The Plug Podcast, a podcast that covers everything anal sex related. You can find her Prostate Pleasure Tutorial on CHEEX.

Films from Luna Matatas

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