Thousand Faces Films

Thousand Faces Films is an independent production for kinky erotica, created by Marcus Quillan. He happens to be not only behind Thousand Faces, but also in front of the curtains. Actually he has a big passion for theater- in all kinds of performance: musical, sexual, literary, dance-based- and this is the main inspiration for TF videos.

Marcus begun then with performance- himself as an erotic performer- and reflected on how to bring the individual truth into porn. Thousand Faces it is the outcome of that, his unique vision on what honest and explicit erotica can be. Quirky theatrical indie alt-porn exploring performativity, kink, humor & emotion. Pro Sex Workers. Pro Sex Ed. Pro Explicit Art. Thousand Faces captures the diversity of humans, different sides of their personality, their sexual needs and desires. They really open up, tell intimate stories (marginalized narratives), share their sometimes long-held fantasies and then realize in front of the camera, sometimes trying out activities and sex rules they are not used to, only to find out how it would be. The videos are not only hot, but also touching: show emotions, feelings and thoughts on sex, stimulating brain, pleasing the eye, and arousing at the same time. Thousand Faces encourage and inspires to discover the other sides of oneself.

Films from Thousand Faces Films

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