Neen Sever

Neen is a non-binary trans erotic multi-disciplinary artist (he/they). Neen is not only a producer, but a visual artist and writer. 

Strolling between London and Berlin, he is:  “setting up boundaries and teaching consent, breaking down shame and stigma around nudity and sex, seeking my own freedom of speech and expression; always honest, always evolving.” This is also the characteristic of Neen’s erotic video productions, in which he performs together with his partner, having intense, passionate sex, getting flushed and sweating together, moaning from pleasure. All the records portrait their joy, within the exciting moment of the strongest togetherness, as well as an individual satisfaction. They are also happy to talk about it, and give a lesson for the ones that are curious to explore the japanese Shibari Practice.

Neen is absolutely sweet and joyful, open and happy to share the knowledge about this rope bondage practice, but not only. Their observations is based on all the experience they have- really supportive and embracing the couple atmosphere. Besides experience in the erotic content production, Neen is generally strongly interested in the topics of body and intimacy. They have quite a critical eye through which they explore the world and share it in text, photography, or any other medium.  They write about themself: “I can’t imagine my life without writing and directing, taking photos and sometimes jumping back in front of the camera too. So, I just do everything I can, and the adult film making industry allows me to pick up all the pieces and be myself.Neen Sever not only in the CHEEX videos section, but as well, read an articel, where they expose the backstage of sex performers and creators struggle with censorship and social media policies. And although the world sometimes is harsh, Love Is Sweet, and Neen will show how to forget about everything in the acts of Intense Pleasure.

Films from Neen Sever

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Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?

Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?