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It’s story time! But these erotic stories are for adults only. Naughty narratives are total mood boosters for the libido! Well-crafted erotic stories have all the elements of a good movie. Developed plots, vibrant characters and a lot of tension. Of course, don’t forget the climax. CHEEX’s erotic stories span such a wide range of themes, you can find a story sex video for any day, desire or date night you want to add a little sexy time to. CHEEX offers content from powerhouse creators to craft erotic stories that not only turn your body on, but also your mind. In the mood for a gang bang but with an incredible soundtrack and wildly talented performers? CHEEX has you covered.

How about a seductive, psychological pursuit to a passionate, playful climax? Whatever your flavor or fantasy, you’re certain to find erotic stories to elevate your sex life.

CHEEX’s collections also includes episodic erotic stories for intimate installations. Follow character development and narratives to entice and entertain. Better than going to the movies, you can stay in and tune into the ultimate turn on. CHEEX curates and produces all content under ethical and fair working conditions from foreplay to climax, so you can focus on your pleasure.

Films from story sex video

Documenting Desire: Play by Play
19:58 min

Documenting Desire: Play by Play

Bishop Black, Jiz Lee, Ginny Woolf
5:00 pm
26:02 min

5:00 pm

Cassie Del Isla, Emilio Ardana
24:02 min


Liz Rainbow
Dirty Movies
23:23 min

Dirty Movies

Loveday, Luke Hardy

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