Petra Blair

Peruvian American hottie. Currently based in Los Angeles, she has an elegant, angelic look, the charm of a real madam. However, that can be misleading as she becomes a real sex beast. Sex is the space where we lose sometimes the regular habits, get free from the regular conventions. This is exactly how we would describe Petra’s content.

She is the personification of seduction- and born in the beginning of 1990s’, typical millennials: open and adaptive, intuitive and passionate about learning new things. She has had some noticeable girl-on-girl scenes, but really got our attention with her three+some sessions! They are amazingly natural and positive, show real connection and fun in between all of the involved, all super hot yet different, individuals. They do not recreate any scene or plot but just happen with each other, getting the maximum of intimate connection. Petra, although definitely not dominant, she seems to play an important role in leading these situations. She is also open to new types of guys, shows how sexual preferences can be fluid and challenged in real life. She is definitely eager to try it out. The videos of Petra are not only sexy but actually give a feeling of a great connection, as she shares her feelings and erotic thoughts, as well as try out new things.

Films from Petra Blair

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