Erika Lust Films

Well established in the field of indie adult cinema, Swedish producer and filmmaker, aiming to promote feminist pornography movement, and dedicated to female pleasures. She entered the adult industry in 2004, with her first short film “The Good Girl”, and since the gotten attention by the erotic festivals and recieved awards.

Her movies are distinctive from mainstream porn by sex- positive portrays of realistic hot sex narratives. Together with performers and the production team they give a tribute to natural, intimate, consensual fuck. Her movies are described as “beautiful, fun, pleasurable, transgressive and intelligent”. She has been also active in the persuading to recognize sex workers and porn performances rights such as regarding the fair payment and healthcare. Erika Lust studio is a space for a shameless, free sex and joy, is a space for creators interested in feminist porn to realize their vision on what erotic cinema should be like. It focuses “on female pleasure, cinematic values, diversity, and an ethical production process”, considering: equal pleasure, equal pay, fair commissions, diversity, safe sex environment, consensus, worker standards, and transparency. It had a big impact on the scene of indie as well as mainstream porn, as it is definitely a counting in the adult industry. She contributed to feminist pornography not only with her own work. Nowadays she creates a space “for today’s avantgarde of adult cinema”, which involve a range of perspectives on beauty and sex.

Films from Erika Lust Films

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