Joybear Pictures

One of our first CHEEX partners- Joybear Pictures is an award-winning British film production company, not new to adult industry, but rather experienced: making sex-positive, erotic films since 2003. Their mission is to work on the world of positive sex and no taboo.

They realize it threw telling “the real stories of real sex”- for her, for him, for them. These ‘films’ consist of several ‘chapters’, and often have a narrative of a person, “thinking loud” about feelings. The models performing in the videos are selected for their charisma and natural body shapes. Joybear Pictures has a special strategy to elect the models. It is called a “dinner party test”- they must make an impression on someone: “you would be extremely happy to sit next to them for an evening and enjoy flirting with”. This is how intimacy begins so you start to believe “something must happen”. In the Joybear films lots of things happen! Often the plots are based on the individual experiences within a loving couple. The videos aim to show the authentic intimacy, although: “Sex can sometimes be confusing.(…) And not always perfect.” Joybear Pictures finds these moments and embraces. Are you tired with the daily routines? These videos will bring you the atmosphere of erotic celebration, fulfill your fantasies and guide on how to bear the joy! Do you know your everyday turn ons? The mission of Joybear Pictures is to guide on how to “find the spark, when it’s lost”- It can be at a friend’s place, where reunion turns into a swingers party and a wild orgy. Or some naughty thoughts, when next to your partner, you are thinking of something else- such as for example a romance with a best friend? Anyways, fantasies are fiction. And the mission of Joybear is to make this fiction come true.

Films from Joybear Pictures

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Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?