Silky and Velvet

We love them SO much! They are a real life couple from Italy: “Amateur Dreamers – Professional Wanderlusters – Love Explorers – Pleasure Activists”. Their homemade content is always authentic, made with fun and for fun, whether taken in a “child room” surrounded with puppets or under the kitchen table.

They are versatile in their relationship, Silky and Velvet like to change the lead and explore each other in different settings; they know how to stay hot and horny. They are great in combining the shots of their sentimental moments with intense erotic time. Their production activity is a record of, or for their relationship, a type of an erotic diary (trip to the seaside, lockdown theme, baking pizza together, Valentines day), that on one hand is very casual and on the other has a special magic power. They create a great alternative to the mainstream porn, not getting to the amateur porn category either, as it is more narrative and conscious; the videos have an entertaining and simple story behind- anything that you can think of within a couple really! Dreaming of vacations, sex interrupting daily activities? Here you are, they have done it all! They explore love in different formats, positions, always close and together, whether it is deep sucking or spanking. Always placed in the reality that they take the best of! That is why we are in such a close relationship with them: real sex, authentic connection, fun and beauty. Silky and Velvet have already produced many exclusive shootings for us, proving to be a great fit for CHEEX.

Films from Silky and Velvet

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Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?

Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?