Puck Ellington

Puck Ellington (all pronouns)is a performer and a creator based in Berlin. She is a pleasure activist. Her beautiful, strong, and commanding presence shines through the screen when you watch her. Her huge, cartoon eyes and her body make you want to touch.

Puck (all pronouns) is both the birth and endurance of pleasure. Their reality is formed by where their body takes it, hence the silky softness and sensuality all around them. Puck keeps the notion of eroticism ever-flowing in their life whether it be for the camera, behind the camera, or by themself. Puck is a multi-faceted sex artist – performer (on stage & on-screen), filmmaker, writer and all-around professional sexy cherub. Their work sprouted its buds in 2017 and now continues on to flourish through the canals of Berlin since 2020.

Films from Puck Ellington

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