Romy Alizée

Romy Alizée is a French-Greek artist, actress and photographer. She has been photographing queer life and explicit images in sexual positions for years.

Romy Alizée is a Greek-French artist, photographer and sex worker from Paris. From a young age, she was fascinated by images of naked actors and actresses and always wanted to work as a performer herself. During her training as an actress in Paris, she posed as an erotic model for many photographers. These modeling experiences became a starting point for her own photographic work. In her photography she creates playful, frontal (self-)portraits in silver and black and white. She likes to stage people who are close to her, including queer activists, trans people and sex workers. Her encounters with people from the alternative porn and lesbian world inspired her to appear in porn films herself. 

Films from Romy Alizée

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