Sylvan is the lover you always want when you are feeling either energetic or you need a little waking up. He sports a beautiful penis that is matched with brilliant stamina. He has puppy-like features that obtain a magical tender trance which he shines onto his lovers.

Sylvan roles are dynamic and he plays them with tenderness and ethereal eroticism. Erika Lust comments in Xconfessions that he ‘is incredibly sweet, down to earth and sexy’ and also speaks of his role as a basketball coach and work as a Criminologist. It is lovely to know that you can be so many things whilst being a performer also, and all of these things weave into his performance. What an all-around star that illuminates everything around him! When we see him in videos he is always receiving and giving so much pleasure that his face and whole body are sent into meditative spasms. It is nice to know he is enjoying himself as we are, watching him. There are some amazing roles he has played in porn over the years which foreshadows him becoming a huge star.

We love his strong Viking, puppy look and would love to always see more of Sylvan who can occupy our time, anytime.

Films from Sylvan

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Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?

Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?