Juan Lucho

Actor, producing porn since 2013. He comes from Barcelona, Spain. Juan Lucho is characterized by his huge, inspired by orient, colorful tattoos covering both sides of his body- from the very heel till the end of his arms (so far), well-trained body, short beard, and a bit longer hair that wave to the rhythm of passionate moves of penetration.

He is definitely a muscled type of guy, actually, he is a professional training box and jiu-jitsu, even get prizes! Also in sex, he can be quite a fighter, he is skilled in taking a lead and soft domination. But he knows also how to take good care of his partners and be sweet. During his years in the adult industry, he created plenty of videos and explored different ideas. He performs in couples and groups,  and although he seems to adore good straight fuck, he does also solo play jerking off with some other hung men- in a “gay friend”  way. Joan Lucho also directs some girl-on-girl scenes. His videos can be distinguished by “no time to waste” “right now” atmosphere, play with perspective, explicit close-ups, great for the ones that like to get straight to the point. He is a naughty guy that often realizes fantasies of “being caught” pleasuring himself: in a car by a stranger passing by, or at home by a flatmate. Well, certainly one would be glad to caught Juan Lucho, and it is now possible on CHEEX!

Films from Juan Lucho

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