Maria Riot

Maria Riot is so much more than a very sexy performer. She is a woman proud to have sex and proud to be turned on. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is now living in Barcelona, the land of Erika Lust! Maria is part of the independent porn revolution, just like CHEEX.

She also believes that we need more representation of sexuality and a feminist perspective in porn. We value her place as an advocate of sex work and workers. We see her mostly in Queer scenarios, from Queer orgies to one-on-one tender female lovemaking. It looks like she has the best fun in all her films. She has romantic long brunette hair which brushes against her boobs and wraps around her lovers. She mostly always wears a black choker in her films, making her look like an elegant pussy cat. She is changing the culture of how we see sex and it is exciting to see the ethical and inspiring porn that Maria Riot is in. In a film called ‘Rubber’, featured on CHEEX, Maria wears an amazing pink rubber swimsuit that shows her beautiful figure and we see how much she loves to play with toys. We can’t wait to show you more of Maria and her talents of progressive lusting!

Films from Maria Riot

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