Poppy Sanchez

Naughty filmmaker, director and editor. Poppy Sanchez is magic. She is pretty much everything: cinematographer, performer, artist, and she involves all these perspectives in a great passionate and aesthetic video content.

So far, she has collaborated with many most important in the adult industry firms, but also co-created various projects from the fields of erotica as well as fashion, documentaries, or advertisement. In the erotic world Poppy Sanchez seems to be most interested in working in the diverse, queer environments, with a special focus on femininity and female pleasures: weather it is a couple in the public space as U-Bahn station, or an orgiastic fantasy on domination and submission in a tropical villa. She captures beautifully all types of bodies, decorated with unusual gadgets and jewelry that bring some unique visual quality to the videos! She portrays the act of lustful oblivion in a fantastic way, catching all the best artistic visual essence of sex.

But the erotic narrative fantasies are not the only format. Poppy joins with her lens to more informative projects. She is also an active member of our favourite sexual education team (Sex school is a quality production making theory of sex same fun as the practice! They give the right guidance, motivate individual sexual discoveries). We love all of her work, but selected the ones that really stand out. 

Films from Poppy Sanchez

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Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?