Esluna Love

“Creative – Motivated – Reliable – Published – Exhibited” model and performer, based in the Netherlands. Her background as a dancer (more than 16 years!) gives her well trained and stretched body, as well as a highly developed sense of rhythm that is definitely proven in her video productions.

And although her name regards the night time, it is highly misleading! She loves to catch beautiful sunlight on her pale, tattooed skin (which is covered with floral ornaments, the contour of dragonflies, butterflies and other divine beings). The content produced by her is characterized by the soft, natural atmosphere.  We find her solo shows simply fantastic, when she behaves slowly, tenderly playing with herself generously, taking time, keeping the moment. The videos are really relaxing. As a model she knows best how to expose herself to the camera, she is also the specialist from her own body. Esluna Love is great in communication too, expressing her pleasure, and catching the contact with the camera. Her content proves it, she is best in satisfying herself- no matter if it is tender touch, vaginal masturbation, or anal training. Esluna Love likes to try new things (in the videos as well), and getting ready for future sexual experiences by playing with her new toys, or… exploring new settings! Only recently she has brought us to a lovely walk in the Dutch woods. It appeared not only beautiful there but also crazy hot! That is only to the passionate sex of Esluna Love and Marvin, who decided to take a day off, forget about the daily routines and celebrate the springs sun. Whether it is wild sex in the wild, or soft solo performance… Esluna Love seems like she is not from this planet.

Films from Esluna Love

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