Lucy Huxley

Lucy Huxley (she/her) is a star. She is a polyamorous porn performer and creator based in Berlin. She is captivating with her dark red hair that gives her so much power and passion on screen. She engages in intercourse and discourse. She is an educator and she is a performer.

She is passionate about sex education, particularly BDSM, and believes sex can be represented as an art form. She is a trained dancer, which you can see in her flexible and beautiful body. You can see her amazing contemporary dance skills in videos such as ‘Mud Dance’ where she performs with Bishop Black, another performer CHEEX very much admires. She has a face that would launch a thousand ships and a body that is soft like butter. In her performances, she often plays the receiver of the pleasure she is owed. When she gives blow jobs she takes the whole penis in her mouth in a slow, erotic way. Watching her makes you want to hold her tendrils of deep red hair and have the pleasure she gives to others, for yourself. She looks amazing in bondage, especially around her beautiful bosoms and her gorgeous bottom. Lucy Huxley is an up-and-comer for a reason in the porn industry as she brings an air of elegance and artistic grace to each performance. 

Films from Lucy Huxley

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