Papi Femme

Latinx performer Papi Femme and self-proclaimed “hedonistic trans leather femme daddy”, stands for diversity and self-determination, values we here at CHEEX are privileged to represent and collaborate with.

Specialising as a kinky performer, D/s oriented, grooming sadist, with a fable for leather and lingerie, Papi Femme manages to transport sensuality and lust as an artist and performer to the audience in his films. 

As co-producer for AORTA films, a production centre that creates short films and ambitious feature projects exploding with destabilizing queer pleasure, Papi femme contributes to representing a wide range of bodies and identities in the industry, giving him a voice and a safe space to show sexuality as it is, especially for people who still feel excluded, misrepresented, and underrepresented in mainstream porn. For him, his work is a “lifelong quest for pleasure”.

As a performer himself, Papi Femme is fully behind the idea of consensual, kinky, pleasurable, dirty, opulent and glorious sex, and is thus behind AORTA’s idea of celebrating queer identity. That’s what we celebrate him for.

Films from Papi Femme

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