Manon Praline

Manon Praline is as her name suggests juicy, delectable, and sweet. Manon is a french performer. She is both talented both in front of and behind the camera.

From being submissive in the film ‘The Receiver’ to being a femme domme in the film, ‘Merci Madame Manon,’ she shows her flexibility as a performer. Every film she is in, is enveloped in fantasy and shows that there are light corners of fantasy too. With deep brown curls and eagle eyes, she entrances you so much the border between watching and feeling her sensations becomes thinner. She plays rough and soft and with every touch, she ensures the other performer(s) are in full consent to everything she does. In ‘The Receiver’ she can take hard slaps, stiff ropes, gags, and whips with pleasurable gasps. Her films are playful, real, testing, and inspiring. They go from extreme arousal to loving embrace and from painful pleasure to gasps of climax in a very natural way. Manon moves with majestic grace and it is hard to not be erotically engaged by her mastery of the dominant and the submissive. Manon Praline shows that every performer can be versatile and that sex, like sexuality, is a spectrum of experience. We love to watch Manon Praline and hope you do too! 

Films from Manon Praline

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