The notorious Bishop Black is an alternative model and actor who has been the starring role in many films you will recognize. He is British but has also been living in Berlin. Films he has been featured in have been selected for the Panorama section for the Berlin film festival, as well as international porn film festivals.

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He also appeared at the London Flare LGBTQ festival. He unlocks his inhibitions with sexual grace and it’s obvious why he is so successfully lust-worthy. Our chosen films of his are the ones we thought reflected how hot he is and how amazing he is to watch, for you and your horn. We have the amazing director, Noel Alejandro’s beautiful film ‘The End’, which shows Bishop Black doing what he does best. You would want to be his lover! We also have videos of him providing us insight into ‘Hook- Ups’ in the tutorials section of our website. Bishop and a fellow performer hook up for the first time and offer different ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ in social situations and scenarios. You can also read about Bishop Black’s involvement in feminist gang bangs in part of our culture section. The way he moves will take your breath away and feel like nothing you have ever seen before. Explore Bishop Black’s power and passion on CHEEX now!

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