Kali Sudhra

Kali Sudhra (she/her) is a beautiful performer, activist, educator, and writer, who loves to dabble in sexy dominatrix work. She was born in Tkaranto, which is an indigenous territory in the settler-colonial state of Canada.

From getting eaten out wearing a wedding dress, to looking beautiful as she is penetrated in a white thong, Kali Sudhra acts out a sexual masterpiece in every video she is in. She fulfills your fantasies. She is often in gang bangs and all the power is hers, as she becomes a goddess amongst the men. In most porn you see the women, within male-dominated gang bangs, portrayed as submissive, but Kali Sudhra retains power and prowess. She is like a lioness. She has a little tattoo of a red heart on her bum which plays with you while you watch her undress. Her main focus in all her work is exploring and presenting normative sexualities. She was inspired after going into a sex shop in Barcelona and only seeing white dildos, to then challenge white heteronormativity, by using porn and sex work as a medium. At CHEEX we love Kali’s message of turning perceptions on their heads and we are left wanting more from everything she does.

Films from Kali Sudhra

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