Jamal Phoenix

Jamal Phoenix (he/him) is a queer rising star. He is a performer, dancer, and pole dancer. Therefore, Jamal is extremely versatile. He is open about his sensual body and what it takes to get to the place where he can feel himself: body, mind, and soul.

In his videos, we see an intimate side to masturbation. You could watch Jamal kissing for an extremely long time. As he kisses Bishop Black in the ‘Sensual Tableau’ video, he smoothes out all the corners of Bishop’s mouth in an extremely tender way. Jamal is both intense and knowledgeable with all things that fall under ‘sex play.’ We see how Jamal uses his body with conscious exhilaration both in a couple, a threesome or with himself. He is a pleasure to watch and we want to see more from Jamal and his sexy leather straps. Jamal has a certain sensitivity that we love at CHEEX. We love that Jamal is changing conceptions about masculinity and how we should touch and spend time with one another. Jamal shows that you can switch between playing a submissive or dominant role and that even these two terms have blurred lines in their definitions. We can do everything, be everything and fuck all! We love Jamal.

Films from Jamal Phoenix

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Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?

Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?