Romeo On Set

Romeo On Set is a male seducer in every sense of the word. He is as gorgeous, charming, and beautiful as Shakespeare’s character, Romeo. However, we get to see this Romeo in all his glory and a little more ;) His body is something you could stare at for a very long time.

Born in Jamaica, Romeo On Set then went from Toronto and then New York to finally being pleasantly caught in the indie porn industry of Berlin. Romeo On Set got into porn through curiosity and making friends with a director on a modelling set. He mainly acts in ethically produced erotica with female producers and team and says he is ‘relaxed and in his habitat’ with these ethical porn makers where he can be completely himself; something CHEEX highly agrees with. Sex should make you feel yourself and as empowered as you can possibly be. Romeo On Set can seduce both in his videos and outside of it, as a full-time international DJ. Now the Berlin move makes sense! Through watching his videos, you can see that this man is extremely special. He has the stamina of an Olympic runner, the hands of a potter, and the mind of a romantic Romeo figure. Combined, it makes for one of the most engaging and sensuous experiences. If you watch Romeo, you will want him to crawl up your balcony and make you his Juliet!

Films from Romeo On Set

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