Luna Silver

Luna Silver is like nothing you have ever seen. She kisses deeply and when you watch her you feel her realness. She has a dark brown head and huge bushy eyebrows that resemble a catwalk model. She has eyes that allow you to sink deeper and deeper into her beautiful soul.

She loves to move her hands up and down the body of her lover, caressing and giving the girlfriend experience to whoever she plays with. Her body is like the ancient goddess Venus’s, and it is so refreshing to see her on-screen, breaking the mold of previous porn star body types. We see her naturally climax in every film she is in, which is a delight to see. From doggy to missionary, she perfectly arouses in every position. She brings style to every video and a poignant realness. She is a gorgeous woman with a lot to give for every kind of fantasy. When she rides, whether missionary or reverse cowgirl, her body becomes a powerful orgasm creator. When she thrusts and pulls away you can see and feel her real gasps of pleasure that put anyone watching in a hypnotic state of lust. Luna Silver really is an amazing woman to watch and we look forward to seeing more of her on the CHEEX platform.

Films from Luna Silver

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