Blake May Wilde

Blake May Wilde is an elegant curator of fantasies, in all her performances. She is an independent performer based in Melbourne. She began her career in 2020 which shows how amazing her growth is to the people who are watching and loving her!

Her passionate and engaging connections can be seen in all experiences she lives through, to gain sexual satisfaction. She is highly skilled and has performed in over 39 categories. She loves anal, fantasy roles, and all other play with the right ethical care. Her films are very sexy. She has long brown hair with a really cute fringe and has an amazingly beautiful and natural aesthetic. She has a girl next door vibe and you totally wish you were living next door! In one of the films Blake May Wilde performs in, she is alone, masturbating to fantasies and dreams. She has a soft tender body that wraps around her lovers and envelops us with a warm glow. Blake May Wilde has bright eyes that entrance us and a cute little gold ring in her nose which significantly hangs gently in a perfect circle, much like her soft bosoms.

Films from Blake May Wilde

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