Bel Gris

Bel Gris is one of the sexiest Spanish performers we know. He has a tender composition with floppy brown hair that perfectly curls around the women’s thighs he is licking and kissing. He loves to enjoy sex, in every position he bends into.

The legend of a director, Erika Lust, says of Bel Gris: ‘His long hair, cozy sweaters, glasses, and guitar/ singing skills might just make him the hippiest performer out there!’, and you can see it very clearly in all his videos featured on CHEEX. In one of the videos, ‘Heidi and the Dough Boys’ Bel Gris gives Heidi Switch and Romeo amazing elegant lubrication that is pleasurable to watch. In that video, Bel acts as a bread maker who perfects his bread by fucking Heidi and Romeo on it. The nectar of her cum makes soft pools in the flour. Bel Gris loves to kiss all the way around and down the person he is making love to, massaging the vulva in deep and tender strokes. Bel Gris is a pleasure to watch, especially when he is covered in white dough. We wish we could get a real test of all the pleasures Gris gives but it is enough to just sit back and touch yourself while you watch your fantasies unfold in Gris’ loving arms, eyes, and sensual touches.

Films from Bel Gris

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Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?

Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?