Ivy de Luna

Ivy De Luna is an empowered, feminist, and alternative performer who is seen giving and receiving all the female pleasure you want to see. We love to see her with her beautiful buzz cut and her soft body which is enveloped in sexy tattoos.

Ivy de Luna exudes power and gentle elegance and we love to hear her moan whilst receiving pleasure. She licks and touches her lovers until there is no surface of their lusty flesh left. She does it in a tantric way which ends in pure ecstasy for the one receiving. There is a film on CHEEX from ‘Altshift’ that is one of our favorites of Ivy De Luna where she sucks, fucks, and receives soft pleasure. She is 23 years old, from Barcelona and was training to be a school teacher. Whilst in training she was confused by the lack of education and that (as she says), ‘if you watch mainstream porn, minorities are misrepresented, women as a passive object, instead of an active subject, the fetishization of POC people, etc’. She is now a part of the revolution that is discarding disunifying and polarising porn and moving into the sunrise of educational, real, and feminist porn. Her favorite thing is masturbating, and oral sex and she calls herself a ‘funny lesbian’. We love Ivy De Luna.

Films from Ivy de Luna

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