Davey Wavey

Himeros TV is a production firm, created by Davey Wavey, focusing on gay erotica. The videos do not stand out only for the amazing, hot action. Himeros contains an impressive base of gay and bi male performers, of all age, body types, ethnicities.

Also the content is well thought and supervised: “each video is co-created with gay sex experts to evolve your experience of sex and sexuality through pleasure, connection and exploration”. It can be easily noticed in the productions: the models are well guided, and really performs in the best, hottest way. They look in the camera, communicate verbally, and share their kinks. The videos combine fantasy and reality, exposes softness, domination, but also vulnerability and understanding in the guy on guy intense and intimate sex. Some of the films are created with real-life couples, some others are more a realization of the fantasy of discovering somebody completely new. Anyway there is always a chemistry between the performers. Moreover, Himeros is another example that stands for labour rights in the adult industry (respects the consensual boundaries of all models, drug and alcohol-free sets, models are given free mental-health support). Himeros aims to break off from the popular tendency of fetisizing body sizes, gender expressions and colors, empower diversity and embrace the naturality of each of the models. This is probably the best way Himeros achieves the authentic beauty of the films. We love the joyful and playful atmosphere of each of them.
Besides the great selection of Himeros TV on our platform, you can get to know Dawe Wavey in our NTMY (Nice to Meet You) project, and hear directly on why Himeros “is like porn but better”.

Films from Davey Wavey

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