Bea Blue

Sex for good change is the filmmaker’s main focus in her work. Standing behind the camera, she creates a space in which a person’s loving interaction with themselves is shown in a tangible way, coming closer to the goal of portraying sex as it is and as it should be. Not only with others, but also with oneself.

The director with the stage name Bea Blue enriches the film selection at CHEEX with her two movies “Overcome your fears” and “Fuck yourself”. Born in Vienna, Bea Blue lives in her city of choice, Berlin.  Describing herself as a “porn activist”, for the queer filmmaker, this means that there is a deeper meaning in every action, in every film, and that she not only wants to portray lust and passion, but also give a message and food for thought. Her motto is “I believe in the power of sex for good change”.
Her films live from authenticity, love and respect for oneself. Directing from behind the camera, her focus remains clearly visible: becoming free  from expectations that one imposes on oneself or is imposed upon, as well as releasing oneself from pressures from society. With devotion to the own body and sexuality, it becomes clear in her films that masturbating is important and that the exchange with oneself is characterised by openness and honesty. We love this approach and are happy to share and support this vision here at CHEEX.

Films from Bea Blue

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