AORTA films are an award-winning studio, creating experimental queer cinema that is ‘lusty, opulent, glorious, fuckery’ as their website says. They began in 2015 and what they have already made is beautiful, sexy, creative, and unique.

Their films really do include everything from hot, kinky content to BDSM, whilst working to always provide a consensual, collaborative and safe environment. That’s why CHEEX is so proud to present AORTA films on our website. They produce monthly short films, long term feature projects and have an innovative range of festivals, artist workshops, commercial collaborations, and even erotic writing. AORTA films have won numerous awards such as the ‘Hacker Porn Film Festival’ in 2019. One of our favorite parts of AORTA is that they offer awareness with the body and self-appreciation with events and workshops such as ‘In the Flesh’ which hosts ‘Fucklab’. ‘FuckLab’ is for ‘kinksters, movers, sex workers, and porn performers’ to experiment with body knowledge, and explicit embodiment. We believe at CHEEX that if you are safe and strong within your body, you are safe and strong within your sexual experience, so AORTA films are right up our sensual street!

Films from AORTA Films

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