Handsome & Sweetpea

Handsome & Sweetpea are a very sexy married couple that love nothing more than to perform together. They say that, through sex positivity, ‘’We want to show what real sex, in a real relationship, really looks like.It’s hot, funny, unscripted, and meaningful.”

“We live in such a sex-negative culture where many are not allowed to sexually self-express, and most feel that sex is a topic they’d not dare to talk about freely.” They met in late 2012 in a little Italian restaurant. Handsome & Sweetpea aim to always explore with open communication. After they got married they began to question why society mostly believes that marriage ultimately leads to a slow decline in sex life. They were adamant that this would not happen. Now they want to help others with sex-positivity, just like CHEEX. What we find so special about these two, is their emotional and physical connection to one another. Handsome & Sweetpea lead each other into divine orgasms with their extremely loving touches. It really feels like you are at home with them in their extremely natural settings. They both know how to make each other cum which is an amazing thing to see. For her, it is him touching her clitoris and for him, it is when her fingers become entangled between her vagina and his penis. All their videos also focus on the ‘AfterPlay’ of sex where they debrief on what they have both experienced. We think this has always been lacking from videos, as this communication after sex is integral to the joy of the experience. We really love Handsome and Sweet Pea.

Films from Handsome & Sweetpea

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Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?

Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?