Curved Marvin

Curved Marvin is not just a brilliant name, but a brilliant erotic performer and sadistic lover. He is a gorgeous man with a majestic body.

We think Curved Marvin  is that kind of guy you want as your proper boyfriend experience. He loves to do everything that involves play, kink, and a lot of role-playing. Spend some time with Curved Marvin and you won’t regret it. Curved Marvin has this initial grace that makes every scene look seamless and authentic. Curved Marvin is a beautiful lover, always paying substantial attention to whoever he shares a loving embrace with. We love him bent over, under covers, over covers, and messing with the covers. Once you watch one of his films you will want to ask for more, most definitely. Marvin has this gorgeous need to please which elevates him above mainstream porn performers who tend to value their own pleasure over the others. You feel safe in the knowledge that the other lover is taken care of and that the sex is pleasure orientated and not goal orientated. Curved Marvin makes us confident in the growing resistance to old ideals of porn and inspires us, even more, to keep supporting the new charge of authentic pleasure in porn. 

Films from Curved Marvin

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