Nat Portnoy

Nat Portnoy is an adult performer and artist who currently performs in Berlin. She is Polish and describes herself as someone who dives into multiple different fetishes. Just like most of our performers on CHEEX, she also has multiple skills. An example of her skills are found in her graphic design and artistic performance.

She stands up for consensual, communicative, and feminist porn. Furthermore, she always wants to explore her sexuality and wants to always be sensual within beautiful, meaningful aesthetics. You see her in amazing Utopian- style films. She has long blonde hair that makes her look like a Roman goddess and beautiful porcelain skin that evades the screen. The way she fucks is highly angelic, as if she is gliding through the sky in Godiva-style nakedness. Her fetishes are very multi-flavored. She plays a sensually possessed Nun, a woman who is guided by new sexual confidence and someone who dances herself into a lusty persona. We particularly love one of the videos on CHEEX called ‘The Whole Package’ where Nat Portnoy begins by saying that her mum had told her ‘‘that girls who fiddle with themselves go blind’’ and she replies to that by saying, ‘’I couldn’t stop, I didn’t want to’’. This perfectly encompasses Nat’s sexual openness and need to break boundaries of traditional notions. We love Nat!

Films from Nat Portnoy

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