Parker Marx

Parker Marx is the British boy out of your and our dreams. He looks like someone you would see in the romantic aisle of a library, reading a book on ‘how to be a 21st century gentleman’. He lives in Berlin and loves the community surrounding porn in Berlin. The porn he thrives in is inspiring, challenging, and very artistic.

He enjoys consent, community, and respect, with every performance he is a part of. In his films, he is extremely loving and giving. After you watch his caresses you would really want him to be your boyfriend or lover. In the videos, he holds the lover’s heads with grace and sensuality. Parker Marx also gives us a great sexual education in the CHEEX ‘Sexual Health Tutorial’. There, he teaches us about sexual health. It is so refreshing to see a porn star be an educator as you can see that education and porn are interlinked. Parker Marx is such a great performer and when you watch him you will feel a sense of ease in whatever fetish he will partake in. Try and find him dancing in one of the films showcased on CHEEX as it is a beautiful spectacle. It makes you inspired to do those things yourself! He is well worth watching. You will fall in love, as we did.

Films from Parker Marx

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Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?

Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?