Lina Bembe

Lina Bembe (she/her) is an amazing and empowering woman. She is a Latin sex professional. Like most of our performers, she does more behind the camera. She writes about sex, she directs her own films, and has even gone up on stage to talk about ‘’sex being a source of power’’ with the title: ‘’Why is talking about sex so hard?’’.

She also provides tutorials such as a ‘Threesomes Tutorial’ on CHEEX which is highly enlightening and entertaining. Lina has so much insight and it is an honour to watch someone so experienced give her sexual wisdom! The world needs Lina! When she performs she is magnificent; a real goddess of a woman. She is built to be sensual and to charm anyone, as long as there is honest communication. She sucks shoes like a nymph and holds sexual tension in every fibre of her being. She is the star of the show and will radiate energy through the screen. is as glorious watching her fuck as watching her being fucked. She breaks boundaries and perceptions and it is wonderful to both be taught by her and to watch her in her element.

Films from Lina Bembe

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