Meet the queer filmmaker Popo Fan, sharing some facts about his current state of mind, love and life in the arts.


Since 2016, he has concentrated on writing and directing scripted, sex-positive shorts — sharing his passion for porn with its unprecedented power to freeing genders and sexuality.  After a movie night with a homophobic classmate, he realised the potential of film as a tool for LGBTQ+ rights leading him to attend and the 2n Beijiing Queer Film Festival in 2005, where he witnessed the authoritites shutting it down – turning him towards activist filmmaking with a new home base in Berlin. Thanks Popo for taking the time, we couldn’t be more happy to connect with you on this mission to make the world a more open and sexy place. 

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NICE TO MEET YOU is a short interview series of around five minutes, in which we ask a wide variety of performers personal questions about their journey to and within the sex industry. We focus on their opinions about porn, or their experiences with it and the industry. They also tell us about their hobbies and daily life. We aim to draw an intimate portrait of people and performers behind the scenes sharing their current state of mind, their love, and their life. This allows performers to become more accessible, but also for you to get to know your favorite artists better.

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