Jade inspires with her effortless natural in our latest NTMY video. Find out where she gets her energy and inspiration for her videos at CHEEX.


From bio-chemistry, to photography and thus to the aesthetics of bodies. Jade found her way to draw inspiration from art and her surroundings and transform them into video, always with a focus on bringing the beauty of bodies in interaction with light and shadow, energies and atmospheres. She found her way to balance her artistic and sexual side in the art of shibari.

This set her on the path to sharing her own pleasure. “The most interesting thing for me was to observe how I create a very special environment during performances, in which I and the lovely people I work with are really aware of the voyeurism that happens through pornography.”

Being watched is as much a part as watching herself, so her interest in watching porn has not diminished. But less for masturbation, but more as a source of inspiration and absorbing the art and technique behind it, Jade also uses it to educate herself for her own sex life and sex practices. “For me performing is a very special form of art” Jade tells us. Capturing passion and doing so in the context of sex positivity and sex education is evident in her work. She also shares her art with her friend Lilou here at CHEEX. We are happy to offer this safe space and be part of her spiritual as well as artistic intimacy.

NICE TO MEET YOU is now a short, one-minute interview series in which we give different  terms to a variety of performers about their journey into and within the sex industry. We focus on their opinions about porn or their experiences with it and the industry. They also tell us about their hobbies and daily lives. Our aim is to paint an intimate portrait of the people and performers behind the scenes, where they talk about their current state of mind, love and life. This makes the artists more accessible, but also allows you to get to know your favourite artists better.


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